It doesn’t matter how tense, tired, type A or tight you are, there IS a yoga practice that’s “just right” for you.


It’s a common misconception that yoga is only for the calm, fit and able. Maybe you think that your hamstrings are too tight, your mind is too busy, your confidence is too wavering or your body is just too out-of-shape, injured, inflexible, hyper flexible . . . (or whatever else you’ve told yourself).

The reality is that the whole spectrum of human conditions are able to be accommodated by an appropriate practice of yoga.

Welcome to Lotus Bloom, where there is NO one size fits all.


My name is Lori and, as an experienced yoga teacher, I strive to understand the true needs of each of my students and adapt the practices of asana (poses), pranayama (breathing) and mantra, as well as other meditative methods, to serve those needs.

So, whether you’re just taking your first steps on the path of yoga or are a seasoned practitioner, whether you’re 8 or 80, calm or anxious, agnostic or devotional, fit or not-so-fit, join me in moving towards optimal health.

Here, you will learn how to individualize and actualize your process of self-discovery and personal transformation on EVERY level. All in a way that meets you exactly where you are right now.

Like the lotus, you, too, have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of darkness and be your true, radiant self in the world.

The question is, “Is now the time for you?”

Are you ready to discover and apply the timeless teachings of yoga in relationship to yourself and others? If so, please consider this your call to action, to begin or begin again, knowing that everything you have experienced in your life up until this point – positive or negative – has been in preparation for the study and practice of yoga, here and now.