Fall Schedule:  

Lori teaches in Guelph, Rockwood, Milton and Nassagaweya (Acton). 

Tuesdays and Thursdays TBA


Go deeper, and deeper still.  

A pearl of advice that I received from my teacher, a while back, is to go deep into one practice to let it both inform and form me. If you, too, have a tendency to explore a little bit of this over here and that over there, you are really only committing a little bit, everywhere. 

If you don’t dive deep and fully commit, the roots won’t develop, the stem won’t grow and the flower, that is your true self, won’t find its way to the surface and fully take bloom. 

My 3 hour workshops are designed to help you build a strong foundation with deep roots, from which you can draw the clarity, faith and strength needed to stay the course. 

2019/20 Topics and Dates TBA