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Lori Henein is the founder and principal teacher of Lotus Bloom Yoga Sala. She is an experienced instructor who has been studying, practicing and teaching yoga for over 17 years. 

Lori has deepened her practice, most recently, through her studies with Barb Quinlan in Guelph, Ontario and through her studies in India.

In 2019 she travelled to Chennai in Southern India to complete modules 1 & 2 of Yoga Therapy Training with Dr. N Chandrasekaran, one of the world’s most experienced yoga therapists, a western medical doctor, author and Barb Quinlan’s long time mentor.

Inspired by her teachers, Lori is dedicated to honouring the integrity of these ancient teachings that are as relevant and practical today as ever.

About This Tradition 

Immersed in yoga by his legendary father Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, T.K.V. Desikachar went on to develop viniyoga, a personalized practice that appropriately adapts the tools of yoga to meet the specific needs of individuals.

Far from being intended as a brand or separate style of yoga, T.K.V. Desikachar was clear that this is simply real yoga, as it was always meant to be: yoga wisdom given one-to-one or in a small group setting, with a foundation in therapeutic application. 

The main focus of the asana practice is the flow of the breath and the movement of the spine, encouraging integrated, conscious movement that maximizes the effects of the poses.

There is also an emphasis on repetition into and out of the poses which allows for structural transformation and neuromuscular re-patterning, and then on holding the poses, when appropriate.

Lastly, it honours the art and science of sequencing the poses for optimal therapeutic value.

In addition to asana, a number of other time-tested yogic tools are used towards the objective of total health and well-being on all levels.  These tools are the regulation of the breath to balance the physiology (pranayama), meditative practices for psychological and emotional wellbeing (dharana and dhyanam), guidance for a healthy and harmonious life (yama and niyama), chanting and visualization.

About Lotus Bloom 

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Lotus Bloom is conveniently located close to Milton, Georgetown, Campbellville, Acton and surrounding areas in a country setting, amidst ponds, forests, flower gardens and wildlife. Classes are held in a newly constructed barn studio and are capped at a max of 4 – 5 students per class for individualized attention.

A variety of classes – beginner, continuing, gentle and intermediate – are provided to best meet students’ needs. 

In addition to yoga classes, Lori offers Yoga Therapy, one on one. 

About Yoga Therapy

Often when people seek out a yoga therapist they are not coming to learn yoga, but to get relief from an injury, health condition or some symptom, ie. pain, fatigue, sleeplessness, that is troubling them. In fact, it’s not necessary to know anything about yoga to benefit. In some cases, however, students do come to deepen their practice of yoga, one-on-one, with an experienced teacher. 

What sets yoga therapy apart from most other health modalities is that it views the human system as a holistic entity that is made up of different dimensions (physical body, breath, mind, personality traits, and emotions) that are mutually dependent on one another. Yoga therapy operates on all of these aspects of the individual, while enhancing the ability to cope with the stresses of life. 

It also recognizes that everyone is different and that no single practice will be appropriate for all.

As a yoga therapist-in-training, Lori is learning to observe and assess individuals and to look for ways to help them reduce or manage their symptoms, improve their function and help them with their attitude in relation to their health conditions and life situations. She’s gaining experience in planning and prescribing practices by modifying the available tools of yoga, in accordance with individual’s specific needs and longer term goals.

In time, each practice will change with the circumstances and progress of the individual.

One of the benefits of yoga therapy and of having a daily home practice, which comes with it, is that it empowers people in the healing process. Rather than being a passive recipient of treatment, the student is actively engaged in the path to well being. It is the role of the student to practice diligently, observe changes and notify their yoga therapist and medical doctors, if appropriate, of those changes.